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How We Do It

We provide you Pure Pass-Thru Pricing. Our model encourages pharmacies to compete for your business.

Disruption and change in the healthcare industry has to be a good thing at this point, right? We all see the waste and ridiculously over-inflated charges -- something has to give!

How We Do It

What is Pure Pass-Thru Pricing?

Pure Pass-Thru Pricing is simply business the way it should be. Pharmacies know that we advertise their prices to our Members, so you can shop for prescriptions the same way you shop for everything else. No hidden costs, no mark-ups. Pharmacies compete for your business by offering their lowest prices and we pass those prices through to you. Pharmacies compete and you save!

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Pure Pass-Thru Pricing

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We offer Transactional and Subscription based Memberships.

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Once you become a Member, you pay only the cost of the prescriptions at the pharmacy.