PBM Services

SimpleSaveRx serves both the Direct-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business communities as a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). Regardless of our relationship with the Member, the delivery and our philosophy of services are consistent.

SimpleSaveRx is a fresh approach to prescription benefit management. SimpleSaveRx is dedicated to providing you valuable true information. Information that helps drive the decision-making process and promotes desired outcomes. If you and/or your plan save money and achieve a desired outcome, we are glad to have helped.

PBM Services

How does SimpleSaveRx save you money?

SimpleSaveRx negotiates deep price savings with pharmacies.

As a Member you pay SimpleSaveRx’s negotiated price - Not a penny more! This is known as PURE PASS-THRU PRICING!

SimpleSaveRx informs pharmacies about traffic, prescription volume and market shifts so they can adjust prices to compete to win your business.

Pure Pass-Thru Pricing

Pure Pass-Thru Pricing is open commerce the way it should be. Our pharmacies know that we advertise their prices to our Members, so you can shop for prescriptions the same way you shop for everything else. No more hidden cost, no mark-ups, no gimmicks.

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Pure Pass-Thru Pricing

Premier Pharmacy Network

Our pharmacies compete for your business by offering their lowest prices and we Pass-Thru those prices to you.

Pharmacies compete – You Win!

Take advantage of competitive prescription drug pricing to maximize your savings. Our Premier Pharmacy Partner network will help you save the most on prescription drugs.

Premier Pharmacy Network

Drug Lookup

Learn more about your prescription, including pricing options, generics and alternatives available and more.

Pharmacy Search

Find nearby pharmacies, hours of operation, location and driving directions, as well as value-added services such as drive-through options or immunization clinics.

Member Services

Our reports help you plan your Rx budget. We provide historical claims and recommendations for saving you more on available refills.


SimpleSaveRx is dedicated to bringing our Members the best prescription value available. Our goal is to help you choose where to get your prescriptions filled. Providing you the pricing data that historically has been hidden by big PBMs allows you to make educated decisions. We want our Members to shop for their medications just as you would shop for anything else - fully informed.


Group Health

SimpleSaveRx offers Employers, Carriers, Brokers, Consultants, TPAs, and Plan Sponsors complete transparency into Rx cost and predictability using Pure Pass-Thru Pricing and a Real-time Analytics Portal bringing all the actionable data to your fingertips.

  • We never spread or mark up the prices of the pharmaceuticals
  • Clear Concise Administrative Fee structure on a P/M/M basis
  • 100% of a Plan’s Rebates reimbursed
  • Open Formulary Collaboration
  • Financial Structure driven by Plan Sponsor
  • No distribution channels to favor
  • No alliances with Big Pharma to exploit
  • Independent market disruptor
Group Health

Plan-Aligned PBM

As your PBM our goal is to help you and your members become knowledgeable consumers of prescription medications. We provide tools and cutting-edge strategies to minimize total spending without compromising outcomes for patients.

We believe that when Pharmacies, Members and the Plan are aligned, savings and desired outcomes are achieved.


Save anywhere between 10% - 40% on the current plans you have with other PBMs. If your current PBM will provide you historical claims data, send it to us, and we will show you how using Pure Pass-Thru Pricing will save you significant acquisition costs. Bundle the acquisition cost savings with an open P/M/M admin fee, and you will understand why our clients are so happy.

Plan Design

Control Rx spend through plan design:

  • Multi-tier Co-Pay Strategies

  • Contribution Management Models

  • Co-Insurance

  • Blended Cost Sharing Designs

  • Plan Max Benefits

  • Prior Authorization & Step Therapy Rules designed to address spend

  • Sponsor Dash Board Portal

  • Analytics and Pattern Recognition Administration

and other concepts that can help put you in control.

Stop-Loss Insurance

Lower your premiums through predictable plan spend.


This is where we sit down, grab a cup of coffee and dial in the details. Understanding the task at hand and ironing out the wrinkles is key.